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Support to Young Refugees Program World Refugee Day Message

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The world goes through a period where people on the move reach the highest number of all time as the result of conflict, cruelty, human rights violations, climate change, political and economic reasons. When we look at the data of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) regarding the people who are on the move for maintaining their security with a better life motivation, we can see that more than 79 million of them have been displaced, 29.6 million are refugees and 4.2 million are asylum-seekers. From Middle East to Africa, from Latin America to Asia, in every corner of the world a phase is affecting many nations in different conditions. The Syrian Humanitarian Crisis which started in 2011, has left its 9 years behind and after the crisis Turkey has became the country which hosts the biggest number of refugees 5 years in a row. Many stakeholders have worked to manage this humanitarian crisis with the simultaneous activities in the topic of fundamental rights and liberties of 3.6 million Syrians and more than 1 million people from different nationalities living in Turkey. Since March 2020 until today, COVID-19 pandemy have increased the vulnerability of refugees who are already in the part of vulnerable groups. The refugees who are in a disadvantaged position in the topics such adequate nutrition, hygiene conditions and access to health services, needed to be supported with specific measures during the pandemy. 

It should not be forgotten that refugee is the name of an honorable struggle against injustice and it is binding and accepted by law. In the road of migration and afterwards, refugees are struggling with difficult living conditions and many different problems in the same time. The obstacles in accessing the fundamental human rights such as education, access to livelihoods, health, accommodation, travel and security, should be removed for refugees; mostly women, children and young people and a support for their empowerment is crucial. States need to take sustainable steps on refugees, find political or economic solutions to crisis situations in the regions, and act on the phenomenon of coexistence by strengthening the environment of dialogue between refugees and host communities.It should also be taken into consideration that in the communities in which refugees are involved, when opportunities are given, this inclusion becomes a part of social development by contributing to many issues, especially social, economic and cultural fields.

On 20 June World Refugee Day, it is necessary to find solutions with the contribution and support of states, non-governmental organizations, international institutions and all actors for a world where it is possible to live together by emphasizing that the right to live in accordance with human dignity is the right of every individual.

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