The International Conference Published The Final Report on Access to Livelihoods of Syrians Under Temporary Protection

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Within the scope of the Support to Young Refugees Program; The “International Conference on Livelihoods of Syrians Under Temporary Protection” which was held in Istanbul on 11 – 12 December 2019 with the partnership of Community Volunteers Foundation and Save The Children International within the financial support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. 

The Support to Young Refugees Program which has a history of about 5 years with different organizations who implemented this program; 15 – 30 years old refugee to strengthen the bond of Turkish youth with young refugees , it aims to enable young people to access health services in various fields , especially health information , psycho – social  support and social adaptation activities .

140 people from more than 20 cities of Turkey, and 13 different countries including the U.S.A, Italy and Palestine participated in the conference. The recognition of obstacles to access to the livelihoods of Syrians youth in Turkey ; solution suggestions were shared for examining good examples in different regions and increasing employment opportunities on how to achieve economic cohesion . Regarding the creation of sustainable livelihoods, public institutions, local administrations, international institutions and organizations, universities, non-governmental organizations and private sector representatives’ participation and presentations, and approaches, models and practices related to the issue were conveyed. Youth people who are the main purpose of the subject also attended the conference and shared their knowledge and experience.

You can find the sessions, the conversations and the recommendations in the conference in the final report.

 The Support to Young Refugees Program, with young refugees between the ages of 15-30 to strengthening with the Turkish youth to access young people to health services, gender based violence and reproductive health with sexual health is expected to reach the right information in various fields.

In our youth centers connected to the program, which aims to keep the needs of young people up-to-date and mobilize relevant stakeholders by making current research and impact analysis measurements;  Awareness sessions on gender-based violence and health issues, as well as peer trainings targeting peer-to-peer information transfer in various fields such as individual counseling, psychosocial counseling services, social cohesion activities aimed at youth empowerment and sexual health reproductive health, human rights and empowerment. To contact our youth center in your city: www.gencmulteciler.org/merkezlerimiz/ .